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1st S v. J – Facebook Publicity

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Andy Guest asked via Facebook…

What kind of world is it when your own brother has to find out on facebook that your engaged?


Dear Andy,

It’s a world where we can’t get to a computer fast enough to blog about it.

We’re engaged.


Susan & Josh

150th Ask Josh – Qeustionable.

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Miss K said…

why don't you answer my qeustions?


Dear Miss K,

I guess I have to answer you qeustion with another qeustion. Or perhaps a series of qeustions. Here are some qeustions you may haveĀ  read ripoffs of in emails in years past back when Al Gore was just barely taking his design for the Internet to the U.S. Patent Office. Without further ado, I give you, qeustions with no anwsers.

Why do you park in a driveway and fall off a parkway?
Why is it called an apartment when you just fell off a parkway?
If you get scared half to chicken twice, or the egg death?
When cheese gets its picture taken, then who is guarding the mousetrap?
Why is there no such thing as a triangular meal for those of us who are trying to cut back?
Can you cry under spilled milk or over water?
Do vampires ever worry about getting hives?
What is the sound of one hand napping? What, you don't think your hand can't fall asleep.
Pro and Con are antonyms, isn't congress a synonym of amateurgress.
If electricity comes from electrons, then do morals come from eels?
If you got into a cab and he started driving backwards, then why do they call it ovaltine?

I've lost it. That's it. I don't answer your questions because I'm out of funny things to say.

Oh dear. What a waste of a 150th post after all this time in cyber-silence.