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167th Ask Josh – Guest Musing’s Muses

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Via Twitter BYULaw asked: @JoshGuessed What inspired your

Dear BYU Law,

The URL GuestMusings is inspired by a series of thoughts written by my grandfather, William Charles Guest II. He just titled the paper “Musings.” For as long as I could remember up until he passed away he would send an envelope to his friends and family full of photocopies of clippings and thoughts he had written down. I don’t have any copies of any of these letters but I recall reading them and occasionally finding a piece of a column by Marilyn Vos Savant or Dave Barry. But I was always intrigued how Grandpa would have a pen and pad always handy so he could take note of any funny things he saw so he could put them in his periodic compilation. Kind of a very slow and non-global version of Twitter pre-dating the invention of text messaging and the Internet.

The Ask Josh format is mostly inspired by Strong Bad from the website But more likely to just be a result of wanting attention but not having any purpose for directing that attention once I had it. So I make myself available to answer any question to any person on any topic in exchange for mindshare in the “inane yet humorous blog” market and “likes” on my Facebook wall.

As far as writers go, my biggest inspirations as a writer include Dave Barry, Malcolm Gladwell, David Brooks and Strong Bad. I enjoy each of their contributions to the modern American conversation.

Now, time for some emails from Strong Bad.