175th Ask Josh – Ridiculous Chinchilla Stupidity

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Dear Readers,

None of you have made any last requests before I shut down this blog. So I’m going to revisit some old questions I neglected to answer.
Jeff Anderson asked:
“I have a question for you- how many chinchillas fit into a bathtub??”

Dear Jeff,

This is a ridiculous question. One that I don’t have time to look up. Lucky for you. My intern, Lauren Hunt, has graciously done some of the heavy lifting on this bologna question of yours. Lauren tells me that one chinchilla fits in a wine glass.

A wine glass is about 0.2 liters in volume. Since little tiny toy bathtubs may be smaller than 0.2 liters then we can say that a bathtub may potentially fit zero chinchillas in it.

The world’s largest bathtub, on the other hand may fit many chinchillas. According to YouTube, the world’s largest bathtub is 25′ x 12′ x 72′. That comes to 21,600 cubic feet. You may argue that it’s really just a pool and that the guy who made it called it a tub because he was a pervball who wanted all who entered the pool to do so in a naked bathtub-like fashion. In any case, 21,600 cubic feet is the equivalent of 28.3168466 liters. Meaning that the nasty perv pool/bathtub holds 611,643.887 liters, or 3,058,219 chinchillas. Which is approximately 3060 times the population of chinchillas remaining in the world.

There, you see? You just wasted your first wish. I will grant two more wishes and then the blog is done. Choose your wishes wisely.


Ask Josh

p.s. Here is the video of the world’s largest bathtub. Cheers.

  1. Did anyone else notice that the journalist from India in the video is super poor? "I don't have a bathtub, just a bucket." There is no journalist-friendly economy out there.

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