174th Ask Josh – The End of an Era

In Uncategorized on August 23, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Dear Readers,

I just began business school this last week and one of my orientation classes discussed my brand on the Internet. While I do not regret nor do I take back anything previously written on this blog I must concede that my brand does leave much to be desired in terms of a professional presence.

Though it pains me to announce it, I must bring this blog to a close. The real world of business must never know about my numerous sordid dances, my pontifications regarding dating, tales of former lovers (mine and yours), and my open hostility to capri pants shared with Senator Hatch even though I was registered to vote in Oregon.

Consider this my two weeks notice.

I hereby commit to answer 3 more questions. Call it my last blog’s bequeathal, my granting of three wishes, or whatever you want to call it. I will write 3 more answers and/or grant 3 wishes. You the readers may submit your new questions, ask me to re-answer an old question, or remind me to dig up and answer a forgotten question you submitted yet went unanswered. True to my word, I will field any question or fulfill any request I am capable of taking on.

Please Tweet any questions or requests you may have towards @JoshGuessed or put the hashtag #AskJosh by August 31, 2011. Then we’ll vote; I’ll write; and then I’ll go. Choose wisely, for I will only grant thee these wishes three.

Love Always,


  1. Is my question going to get answered??

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