173rd Ask Josh – Remi-missing?

In Uncategorized on August 10, 2011 at 11:15 pm

Anna Carrera of Channel 9 ABC in Wisconsin asked:

“dear Josh Guest. what do you miss most about 150 BRMB? from anna.”
Note to Readers: 150 BRMB refers to the newsroom in the Brimhall Building at BYU where I used to participate on the BYU Daily News in capacities that included reporter, anchor, producer, weatherman, assignment editor, tape editor.
Dear Anna,
You should know that I am not one to sit and reminisce about the good old times. And I really don’t miss much anymore because I have something either bigger or better to keep me distracted, thus leaving me without any emotional need to long for the old times.
But, I must say… I really loved improvising jokes. My favorite joke, which never hit airwaves, was in response to a story about a horse that held a paintbrush in its mouth. As soon as the camera cut back to me at the anchor’s desk I said, “And I thought they were only good for making glue.” I didn’t think it was that funny of a joke, but I could hear the uproarious laughter all the way from the director’s booth. I always miss telling the jokes. I always miss the laughter, and I get addicted to the attention. It is never enough to be able to sit on my haunches humorwise. As it is in the newsroom, so it is in humor: you’re only as good as your last joke.

One of my other favorite jokes was in response to the birthday of the Greek basketball legend Lazaros Papadopoulos. Since it was raining that day I said to watch out because it was “papadopouling” outside. The producers didn’t like that joke. Sometimes I tell the jokes just for me.
Here is a video of the rain-maker himself, papadopouling all over the court:
One other joke I kind of got in trouble for: making light of devastating tornadoes throughout Missouri, saying that the weather down there was “Missouri-able.” Here is one thing I don’t miss: Looking like a doofus who is speaking unintelligibly. Although I must say: I am working those suspenders.
I guess that a question like this isn’t quite as sexy and grabby as some readers may like. But true to my commitment to you, I answered it. And that gave me just one more superb day.
p.s. Here is one last video that may give you a kick of inspiration today. The crux of it: try something new for 30 days. It will boost your confidence, and you will learn something new.
  1. that uproar from the control room was only made by two people: Beth and myself- we're not the daintiest of laughers. The timing was just so perfect, and did you know that it made the end of the year blooper reel? Did you ever see that?

  2. I concede…. It was me! I remember that day quite vividly actually. oh man… it STILL makes me chuckle.

  3. haha i remember the glue joke. pity the daily news for not acknowledging your sense of humor before you got out of there. thanks for answering my question and not adding in any extra capital letters.

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