159th Ask Josh – What’s In A Name

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2010 at 10:05 am

Dog said…

What's with the J. Clay Guest? You are not a General Authority yet and in the 22 years I've known you no one has ever called you Clay. Not to mention that it doesn't flow that well because "Jay" and Clay rhyme. Other than that I love you craploads.

Oh Dear Dog,
J. Clay Guest is my professional name. I decided it would be more sophisticated if I a had one-letter name at the beginning of my name. Also, I was inspired by my law school's namesake. Joshua Reuben Clark, known in the annals of history as J. Reuben Clark. Neat, huh?
  1. Dear J. Clark,Do you the interesting connection between Mr. Joshua Reuben Clark and myself? Hint: we are not related.miss seeing your face in the always,The next big thing 🙂

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