154th Ask Josh – Music video collection

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2010 at 8:42 pm

Dear JOsh,

Everybody is making blogposts with thier favorite musiv cideos. Will you make on?


Oh dear you,

We have got to work on your… oh never mind. Here you go, my eclectic cavalcade of music videos:

First, the modern day virtuosos of DragonForce. Even if you don’t enjoy their style of music, you have to appreciate the speed at which they manage to rock out:

I don’t know if this will work, embedding was disabled. So I tried to put in the embed html code manually. If it doesn’t come up, you can find the song “Morning Ride” by Lee Greenwood. I think it’s a nice song. Susan thinks it’s about making morning whoopie.

After reading that last comment, Susan just said, “It IS!”

Next, Edith Piaf. I don’t know what she’s singing about. Once, while on a date, a girl who spoke French was offended as she listened to the words. She refused to translate:

I like hearing Elvis singing in two languages. Long live the king.

And now, for a big-hair rock ballad.



P.S. BONUS I think Journey’s song “Faithfully” takes on genuine meaning when you’re watching the video. Count the number of slow-moving sweaty-heads.

BONUS: Liam Lynch everybody.

  1. Yay for Elvis and German! 🙂

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