153rd Ask Josh – Helaman or Heritage?

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Rachel said…


WHERE is the best place to live on campus at BYU!!!?!??!?!! I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!


Tiffany said….


dear josh, can i ask you one of your ask josh questions?

well first i was going to ask you to marry me but then i saw you were already engaged. dang!

anyways i was wondering what dorm you would recommend staying in. I'm not gonna have a car so i ruled out wyview because its journeys away. i cant decide between heritage and helaman. your expertise is much appreciated.

love, tiffany




Dear Tiffany and Rachel,


First of all, congratulations on getting into BYU. Back when we were just the Maeser Building and the Brimhall, BYU President Franklin S. Harris, "Behold the greatest university campus in all the world–in embryo" (Daily Herald, 16 October 1923).


Elder A. Theodore Tuttle said, “BYU is the greatest university in the world. There are unlimited opportunities here” [BYU Devotional, 7 September 1980]. 


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, “I am just biased enough to believe it is the best university in all the world for you to attend” [BYU Devotionals, 15 September 1987].


And if you won’t believe the members of the Seventy or even an Apostle, take it from the prophet, Spencer W. Kimball:


“It is a glorious privilege to be attending this, the greatest university in all the world. …take a good look and analyze carefully, and when you take the important points and sum them up, you come out with this final thought: that Brigham Young University is the greatest university in the world” [BYU Devotionals, 12 September 1978].


I know a whole bunch of Aggies and Utes who really hate that last one.

Before you rule out Wyview, you may consider that plenty of the students there take the bus, (as do many students living even further from campus or ones that just want to save gas and don’t want to bother with trying to find a parking spot on campus).


But, since your question specifically asks me to help referee your internal debate between Helaman and Heritage…


Here is the short of it…


Helaman Halls – newer, Cannon Center food, tall showers, near the RB (racquetball, indoor track, tennis, outdoor track, etc.), visitors allowed in your dorm a total of 6 hours a week, sometimes you get a bathroom between you and 3 other girls, sometimes you share a bathroom with an entire floor


Heritage – more people per unit, your own kitchen, have your own bathroom for your unit, visitors can come over every day and stay until midnight (or 1:30 on Fridays).


I really liked living in Helaman because I loved Cannon Center food. Some didn’t like it so much, but since I lived there they have completely rebuilt it and they now have an entirely new food setup which I think is superior to anything you’ll find at any college. I made the mistake of trying to do most of my studying in my dorm (if I had known better I would have just stayed in the library on campus). I played a lot. My grades suffered down there. I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about where my next meal would come from.


Heritage Halls has more of the feel of an off-campus singles ward. I have to be careful here, but I would say you may have to grow up faster in Heritage. I say that just because you have to do your own grocery shopping and more housework than do your Helaman counterparts on top of your studies, plus you have more R.M.’s in your midst who really want to get married which makes for a different social environment.


Personally, I loved Helaman Halls. Alphabetically it comes first. I would definitely recommend it to anyone going to BYU. That’s where I think my little brother will be going, too ;).




Josh Guest



  1. Amen. I loved Helamen Halls. Would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Heritage trumps Helaman. Sorry.

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