123rd Ask Josh – Moving On

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Anonymous said…

Dear Josh,
If I just broke up with my boyfriend is it okay to go on a date with someone else two days later? Or is that mean? :S

Dear Anonymous,

Your boyfriend isn't your boyfriend. So he is no longer a stakeholder in your dating life. His feelings about your dating life are none of your business.  Your dating life is none of his. The person most likely to be affected negatively by your sudden change of social pace will be the man who takes you out just two days after your breakup, aka "The Rebound." Isn't he the one you're really being mean to? You may not think it is a problem, you may even deny the alleged problem exists, but the new guy has to hear you go on and on about how, "I just got out of a relationship…". I'm sorry, but that's mean. It stinks to be The Rebound.

While your concern for your ex-boyfriend's feelings is admirable, you should not feel compelled to change your course. It may show a lack of tact to walk around with your new dates in places where you know your ex-boyfriend will likely be present, but even this is not classifiably wrong.  In fact, he may be flattered if he interprets it as an attempt on your part to make him jealous.

Just don't let your girly whims give The Rebound the wrong idea when you're really just looking for a good time.



P.S. I'll be over in just a second.

  1. poor taste. unstable. discreditable. thoughtless. immature.

  2. Wait. Who are you talking about? I had such a great time on my date tonight. I don’t regret it one bit. 😀 I went out with an old friend and we had a blast. I already had two tickets to a concert and another couple was planning on me. What was I supposed to do? Eh?

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