122nd Ask Josh – Soulmates

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Axey said…

Do you believe in soulmates?
Dear Axey, 
Now, you must know that the idea that there is a single person out there whose soul matches mine is an absurd thought.  Any frustrated Mormon single has mulled over the words of President Spencer W. Kimball:
Now, I know you would be disappointed if 
I merely left it at that, especially if you have ever heard me at any kind of a Church social function screaming out, “hey! Who here is lookin’ for their SOOOOOUL MATE?”
Do I have a soul mate? Well, no. While in the MTC our district had this ongoing joke that this one sister missionary was my soul mate. I had never spoken to he
r and I was not entertaining any idea of looking for any romance or even any friendship with the sister missionaries I came in contact with. Yet, for morale’s sake, I let the joke continue. So whenever we saw the sister in the MTC we would point her out and say quietly, “There’s Elder Guest’s soulmate.”
Well, I went on my mission, came back after two wonderful years. I returned to school. One day while walking outside the library I saw the same sister, Hermana Green I think her name was, walking around as well. Of course I didn’t talk to her because no good conversation ever starts with, “You are my soulmate, I knew it from the first time I saw you on my mission.” So I said nothing. I have since seen her maybe two or three times with the same results: I say nothing and walk on.
Well, it seems I can’t get her out of my life. I was at work the other day walking to the post office to drop off a letter and guess who I see on a poster advertising the Accounting program to BYU females:

Yep. That’s my soulmate, the poster girl for BYU Accounting. I don’t know anything about her. I don’t even know her name. And the less she knows about me and my one-way love story with her, so much the better.
  1. your life is sort of like a fairy tale.

  2. Dear Josh,If I just broke up with my boyfriend is it okay to go on a date with someone else two days later? Or is that mean? :S

  3. josh i’m pretty sure i’m your soul mate but we’ll talk about that later. so this one time you were talking about the alpha male and the beta male and i said something about eating all the other fish and i asked if you would blog about it. so… will you blog about it?

  4. Ha ha ha this cracks me up I love it!

  5. HAhah!!! That's my sister!! She's married, sorry, man!

  6. Dear Kevin,Indeed she is. We documented our discovery here: reading.Love,Ask Josh

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