121st Ask Josh – Loving Josh

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2009 at 8:47 pm

Anonymous said…

do you love yourself…?
Dear Anonymous,
You bet I do. I get along with me better than anyone. I am my favorite subject to blog about. I love seeing my face in the morning without makeup. I love the way I look in a swimming suit. I love how I always know just what to say. I always make me laugh. I love how I keep my priorities straight. I love going to Church with me. I love taking myself out for ice cream, and I love giving myself a nice foot rub after a long day. I can't remember the last time I ever went to bed or even to nap without me being there. I love my taste in movies, books, music. I get along great with me. I am perfectly fine with hanging out with me for the rest of my life.
I know me myself is not perfect, but myself knows that I am not perfect either, so we help each other out and we get along just fine. Arguments with me are never taken personally, and I always admit when I am wrong, making it easier to call me out whenever I am acting up.
I never buy myself flowers, but I know that sometimes the time I give me is more important than things anyway. I never have to worry about whether I'll have time to lend myself an ear. My ear is constantly there for me to hear me when I need to talk to me.
I don't know that I snore, but if I do, I'm okay with that, and I know that I am still accepting of myself for talking in my sleep. I never wake me up by talking, so I always get a  good night's rest with me.
I and me are always inseparable when either of us wants to go out and socialize, and even if I want to be alone, I couldn't imagine my alone time being of any benefit without me being there.
Whenever I go out on dates, I am right there with me to coach me along, to tell me how to be a gentleman, how to be charming and what not. If it weren't for me being there, every date I ever went on would be no date at all.
Yes, Anonymous, I love me, and oh what a feeling it is to be in love with and be loved by someone whom I admire so much, I seek to emulate so often, and hope to be like when I grow up.
  1. I am fairly psychotic. I am spontaneous, oftentimes blunt, and usually cross the line. And sometimes I like to kiss boys in my apartment. After midnight.Once upon a time… a friend of mine wants to live me this year but I am CONVINCED she would hate my guts forever, look down on me, judge me (albeit righteously) and inevitably come to despise me. On the other hand, she is quite lonely here and I’m pretty sure if I find some excuse not to live with her, I will go to Hell. My question: Am I already going to Hell as it is for breaking curfew and kissing boys? Should I spare her the year of torture living with me and encourage her to find somewhere else if I’m already banished to fire and brimstone? Should I explain to her that it would turn out to be an awkward year because of all of my flaws and all of her perfections?

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