120th Ask Josh – What scares Josh?

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2009 at 6:19 am

mmmm josh,

what are you most afraid of/
Dear person,
I used to be most afraid that my shift keys would both die out on my computer, then I would have to type like you. I suppose I would still be able to capitalize by hitting caps lock, typing the individual letter, then undoing caps lock. But I would still have to end all my questions with a slash ‘/’ as you have done.  You apparently have been able to survive in your present condition and thrive enough to find the time to ask me something. So we can throw that fear out.
What scares me most?  I will tell you. Two things:
1. When in the middle of the night you are walking around in the kitchen and you turn on the light and it turns out you accidentally hit the switch to the garbage disposal. Man, that sudden roar of mechanical voracity always sets me afright.
2. Whenever I am enjoying peace and quiet at my computer and then I click what I think is a regular blog and then suddenly music comes on. It has the exact same effect as the garbage disposal in the night. Pardon me, but when I hear Regina Spektor when I least exSpekt it… it scares the living, dying, and barely surviving daylights, nightlights, and twilights  out of me.
3. Regina Spektor
Okay, so maybe that’s more like three things. But still, the list wouldn’t be complete if she wasn’t up there. She’s like a living boogey-woman.
  1. are you mocking my blog?? 🙂

  2. Well, I hadn’t considered it. But after looking at it, yeah, yours qualifies under two of those three. Throw in a garbage disposal sound disguised as a normal link and your blog will be Saw 11.

  3. so…you basically don’t like to be surprised?

  4. No, I basically don’t like the sound of mechanical grinding death and Regina Spektor.

  5. exSpek? Wow. And I completely agree about Regina

  6. I’m so happy you commented on my blog! and in such a creative manner. Speaking of creative…I think you blog is a lot like strong bad emails- My favorite.

  7. do you love yourself…?

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