118th Ask Josh – What Josh Thinks

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The Captain said…

Dear Josh,

I saw a girl wearing a backpack that had poodles and monster truck on it. I’ve been trying to figure out how those are related but I can’t. What do you think?

Dear Captain,

I think Take 5 candy bars are delicious.
I think Big Hunk candy bars are among the worst confections currently plaguing our planet.
I think it is important to read classic books and watch classic movies.
I think most classic movies and books are highly overrated.
I think the students at BYU criticize BYUSA because it is hip and they don’t know what BYUSA’s real role is.
I think BYUSA plays the victim because they want to receive praise during their time in the public eye yet they don’t want to receive the criticism that comes with it.
I think green bananas are better than black bananas.
I think whole milk is delicious and that the prevention of prostate cancer by drinking whole milk is not just the result of a placebo effect..
I think that it is worth it to me to not clean my apartment every morning and forfeit the $10 a month discount to be a show apartment.
I think NutriGrain bars are disgusting.
I think that my judgment is unjustifiably called into question because I am just so darn funny.
I think law school will be a great chance for me to use my talents.
I think Teach For America could be fun.
I think these hospital scrubs I am wearing are very comfortable.
I think I should eat more Chinese food.
I think Organizational Behavior is a poorly organized independent study course.
I think people should stick to their commitments.
I think that quitters have to learn to quit quitting.
I think people should learn to love living right where they are.
I think it is okay to jaywalk.
I think my apartment smells fine.
I think the Louisiana Purchase was long enough ago that we can stop talking about it now.
I think woozle wozzle.
I think I may have trouble getting my contacts prescription renewed this summer on account of my not being in Klamath Falls.
I think it is important that I take responsibility for myself.
I think it is important for others to take responsibility for themselves.
I think it is a good idea to have prison inmates start working to pay their way through their stay.
I think buying in bulk is not a very good idea for produce and dairy if you are the only one eating the groceries you buy.
I think it is better to order water rather than soda when in a restaurant.
I think tomorrow is going to be a fine day indeed.
I think the script of O Brother Where Art Thou stands alone as a work of literary genius.
I think the BYU Honors program should give me credit just for being me.
I think Lindsay is overly critical of my answers.
I think Rudyard Kipling’s poem If is fantastic.
I think it is time for me to get to bed.
I think whining only makes things worse.
I think I have an internal locus of control.
I think I’m happy.
I think Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson is real funny.
I think my sister Jenny is better equipped to be a journalist than I am.
I think Demetri Martin is hilarious.
I think Johnny Cash sounds better in his later years.
I think my socks are in fine shape.
I think Hootie & the Blowfish is a terrible band name.
I think too many musicians have done covers of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”
I think everyone should wash their hands more often than they do.
I think Percival is a fine name for an automobile.
I think I should have never written this.
I think we are a generation of non-thinkers.
I, like M. Russell Ballard, think that thinking is the hardest work.
I think everyone on American Idol is starting to sound exactly the same.
I think the solution is to get new judges.
I think that if you always have the same judges, you will always have the same contestants advance to the next round.
I think I’m all out of thoughts.
I think that the solution to most of our problems is a lot of work.
I think you’re over at La Jolla 15 right now, aren’t you?

I’m all thought out. Time for bed.
  1. Bahaha! Oh thinking is so overrated…Silly Josh.P.S. If there was a poodle that drove a monster truck, that would be awesome.

  2. Ha! I’m so glad to know what you think.

  3. i think you mentioned my pay-to-stay jail story. i think you’re awesome.

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