114th Ask Josh – Why so behind?

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2009 at 6:29 pm

The Captain said…
Josh, how did you get so far behind on your questions?

Dear Captain,
I got so far behind on questions because I just can’t seem to keep up with the good questions. Some I have started over several times and thrown out. Sometimes I just lose track because I get questions stored up on my facebook wall, facebook inbox, my comments page, my email account, even on my phone.
Some questions I am behind on require questions with serious research and work.
Here are some of the questions I have to get to:

  1. “Help me find a man who will love me”
  2. “How can I get Josh Guest to fall in love with me?”
  3. “Say you are a girl and you like a guy, how do you get the guy to like you back?”
  4. “Josh say a girl likes a guy, what can she do to get the guy. What are things they can do and things they shouldnt do to get the guys attention. How can we clue you guys in with out being to blunt, or do guys like that?”
  5. “say a girl likes a particular guy, what can she do to clue him in, or win his heart. What do guys like us to do, and what should we not do. I need your help and wisdom on this one and I think a guys perspective could be very useful. What would a girl have to do to win your heart?”
  6. “Will you please blog about dancing in a garage?”
  7. “I went to a sealing and it was said that we have to like who we marry as the foundation of loving them, because somedays we won’t love them, but we must always like them. what do you think of that? because aren’t we supposed to love all?”
  8. “Why won’t you answer my questions?”
  9. “When are you going to answer the question that you asked yourself when you were pretending to be me, when we were sitting in that room with my roommate’s boyfriend and her boyfriend’s boyfriends and her boyfriend’s aunt and uncle and the house smelled good on account of their making fajitas, but other than that, they were Froot Loops and it was like we were stuck in a box of Goobers or Raisinettes?”
  10. “So sometimes girls turn me down when I ask them out and give the excuse that they are busy or something that sounds legit. How do I know when they really are busy and I should ask them out for another time or when they are trying to nicely hint that they aren’t interested in the least bit?”
  11. “So what makes Star Wars so great? And Rocky movies too. And what are the other classic guy movies? And what are your thoughts on chick flicks? What is it that makes women love the Notebook and why do nerds love Lord of the Rings?”
  12. “Which books do YOU most highly recommend?”
  13. “Josh I’m really tired during the day but I get a full 8 hours of sleep. Is it something im eating? Do I need a new workout plan? If so what would be the best workout plan?”
  14. “Ahem, do you have any ideas or thoughts on an improved healthcare system in America? I feel universal healthcare has good intentions in which they want to make sure every single person is insured BUT the quality of doctors, nurses, physicians, etc.. falls. With the system we have now, what about the young people in this nation who are no longer eligible to be included under their parents plan or people who do not have a job that offers health benefits and cannot afford a private plan and don’t qualify for state programs or Medicaid? What about the people with pre-existing conditions? Do you have any thoughts?”
  15. “if a guy writes you a “nice note” on Sunday with no reason really- meaning you didn’t do anything and throws in “I love your smile by the way” at the end.. does he want you? Or is he just a “nice guy?” 
  16. “another question? If a girl is interested in a guy, naturally we get nervous around you.. if you guys are friendly and pay attention to us only sometimes (wave, smile, ask how you are, say hi, shoot the breeze a little bit) but then other times is talking to another girl but keeps looking at you but doesn’t give you attention. Obviously our confidence is shot and we end up not talking to the other and left wondering.. how do wave the flag and let them know we’re interested without scaring them away? and how do we know if they are interested at all in us?”
  17. “I’ve heard you’re an expert at doing a dance move called “The Whip.” Do you think you could show me how it’s done? Maybe even with a backpack on?”
  18. “How fabulous is that [dancing]?”
  19. “think you could answer it in a little more detail?” [regarding an older question that upon which he/she wanted more clarification”
  20. didn’t you already answer number 10?”
  21.  “how many of these questions were actually authored by you?”
  22. “i miss you. do you miss me too? how often? what triggers it? how excited are you to see me again?”

There may be even more questions out there. But I can’t find them. But as you can see, I have a lot of catching up to do. Questions, questions about questions, and sometimes just outright requests. I have a lot to do. There is so much to research. But I, like Bob Seger, have “deadlines, and commitments, what to leave in, what to leave out.”

Believe me, if there was any chance for me to support a family by just answering questions, I would take it.  But until that time comes, this will remain a hobby.

But thanks for all your questions. Sorry if it has been such a long time coming. 


  1. questions 3,4,5 and 16 all seem to be the same question. and didn’t you already answer number 10? how many of these questions were actually authored by you?i miss you. do you miss me too? how often? what triggers it? how excited are you to see me again? haha! now you are obligated to answer all of these questions in a public forum!

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