107th Ask Josh – Pre-Mission-palooza

In Uncategorized on February 10, 2009 at 8:19 am

Alexis asked via facebook…


I have a question for your blog!!!

What are some good ways to spend the last month before leaving on a mission???

and no one wants to hire me for like, a month.

so i'm bored at home.


Dear Alexis,

You have about a week left. So here is how you spend your last week:

Read your scriptures.

Listen to the Johnny Cash later albums.

Speed read a C.S. Lewis book

Listen to (Don't read, listen) to: Cast Not Away, Therefore Your Confidence ; However Long and Hard the Road ; a Law of Increasing Returns ; Waiting Upon the Lord ; Come Unto Christ; Come Unto Me .   If you get all those done I can give you some more.

Speed read (or watch on YouTube ) the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Speed read "Serve With Honor" and "Preparation Precedes Power" by Randy L. Bott.

Play a game of Risk.

Get all the Mormon Tabernacle choir music you can onto a single mp3 cd.

Wear jeans.

Write a letter to some missionaries. 

Go swimming.

Watch Ben-Hur.

Watch "It's a Wonderful Life"

Watch "It's a Beautiful Life"

(Optional) Watch "Pursuit of Happyness"

If you can find the book, read "The Go-Getter" by Peter Kyne. This one will change your life.

Read (or watch on YouTube while reading) Henry's speech preceding the battle of Agincourt on St. Crispian's Day in Shakespeare's Henry V.

I gotta study for a test, get to work, take a test, get to class, go for a run, do a story.  So that's all for now.

Have a great mission. I'll come visit you when I come over for General Conference.



  1. Dear Josh,Will you please blog about salsa dancing in a garage?-Alyssa

  2. why don’t you answer my qeustions?

  3. Josh-My question:I’m trying to post a blog, but want to include some vids from youtube…how on earth do I get them in my blog?Respectfully,Elyse

  4. Hey, thanks!!!This is great!I have a lot to do…

  5. Dear Freaking Josh Guest,Can you describe how you felt last weekend in relation to your poor health? I mean I saw how you felt but I want you to put it in words.Jeremy

  6. Dang – good answer. Not all my favorite preparation things, but good. Last Lecture by Randy Pausch = The best advice ever… amazing!*muah*

  7. two weeks? i’m considering removing the link from my blogp.s. this is lindsay, not patti

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