102nd Ask Josh – Weekend Update

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ScottyKC said…

Hey Josh. This is your dear friend Scotty. I know that you have a very busy weekend. How are you going to do it all?! I need a detailed explanation. I don't know how you'll do it all but I know you will! Go Josh!


Dear Scotty,

I really want to go to bed right now. I have been going the last 3 days on just 9 hours of sleep. So here is the breakdown of how I ended Black History Month.

Participated in focus group for Women's Services, ate free pizza
4:55 – turn in essay contest entry just before deadline.
Sold Jon Schmidt tickets immediately
Kicked it with you, Scotty. 
Met a stranger.
Asked stranger what stranger's dreams were.
Made stranger's dreams come true. 
Went to an all-you-can-eat cereal party
Shot a story about Jeremy.

5:30am Wake up, put on same clothes as I wore yesterday to preserve continuity in news story
6:30 arrive at Richards Building with Jeremy to finish shooting story
7:00 arrive in newsroom, panicking and editing until 11:00
Noon – BYU Daily news airs (my story is towards the end, sorry if the sound is broken).
1:00 Work meeting
2:00 Broadcasting Lab
3:00 take 4 quizzes, write 4 essay questions, take 1 test, run home to get ready for date at 7:00
6:56 – Enter into shower before 7:00 date
7:30 – Dinner at Spaghetti Factory, Jeremy is our waiter… Olive Tapenade, Spinach Tortellini, Chicken Penne, salads with house dressing, two scoops of spumoni… Feeding the ducks at the pond.
10:00 arrive home, Dexter is talking Magic cards, Nat and Jeremy are on their laptops, I decide to read the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Nat and I drop off car at Stella's house and walk home from her house.

1:00 am (12:00 midnight, Oregon time) – Send Jenny a text message making me the very first to wish her a happy birthday.
1:30 am – retire to bed
6:00 am – up, off to work
6:45 am – Arrive at law conference, food is not arrived, microphones not there, rogue platforms strewn about
7:00 – 1:00 pm – Law Conference… so much to do, my essay didn't win. Nat's didn't either, so I guess it's okay.
Ate leftover tapenade from night before, used leftover bread from night before to make a bowl to hold clam chowder in.
Wrote to Elder Guest in Paraguay
Wrote to my mission president
Read one act of the play Cyrano de Bergerac
Went back to campus again to prepare home teaching reports
Filmed Nat and Garrett's weekly update video
Got lost and ended up somewhere behind Liberty Square
Saw Jon Schmidt in concert.
Distributed more home teaching reports.

And here I am now. February is going to start like this on Sunday
Super Bowl with Bill
Skip Bo night in La Jolla
Calling parents
Happy day. All is well.



  1. Dear Josh,Some friends of mine want me to go stay with them at a holy trinity abbey with some pre-catholic orthodox monks in northern utah. What should I do? Heres some information so you can make a educated decision. holytrinityabbey.orgThanks, D-Rob

  2. Black history month started today, Feb 1…

  3. Josh, in behalf of Brent Top, your teacher of LDS Marriage and Family; Prophetic Perspectives, I ask:What are you doing to prepare for marriage?

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