101st Ask Josh – Broadway/Opera

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Broadway baby said…

Josh I love you so much. I hope one day we pick out wedding china together. What is your favorite opera and which is your favorite broadway musical? Which would you rather go to see?


Dear Broadway baby,

Thank you. I’m so flattered that of all the people in the world, you think that I would have anything good to say about someone else’s wedding china.

Mi favorite opera would have to be Verdi’s La Traviata. I realize the story is rather… well, typical of any opera. But the music is fantastic! I love singing Libiamo as well as Sempre Libera:

My favorite broadway musical would have to be a tossup between Wicked , Oklahoma, Sound of Music, West Side Story and the Music Man. But in the end I would have to go with Wicked. Sorry if that sounds like I am just being trendy. I really love the music, the story, the message. It’s all fantastic.

I have seen the Music Man live a few times and I always love the opening scene.

And I love the soundtrack from Wicked: “Popular”, “I’m Not That Girl”, “Defying Gravity”, and, of course, “For Good.”

Given the choice between watching the opera and broadway, would depend on the venue. If I could pick where I saw them I would go with la Traviata at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. That way I can knock out two life goals at once.  If it was based on pure entertainment value, I would have to go with broadway. How could I possibly be expected to resist the dancing in Oklahoma, the jokes in the Music Man, the mobs in Les Miserables, incredible fusion of jazz and ballet in West Side Story, everything in Beauty and the Beast, I love it all!

Good question.


  1. Hey Josh. This is your dear friend Scotty. I know that you have a very busy weekend. How are you going to do it all?! I need a detailed explanation. I don’t know how you’ll do it all but I know you will! Go Josh!

  2. Josh:So…why aren’t there enough rocks?You’d think there would be.

  3. Also, I’m disappointed that Les Miserable wasn’t on your favorite musicals list…

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