92nd Ask Josh – Owning Up

In Uncategorized on January 16, 2009 at 8:21 am

Lindsay said…

afraid to own up?
Dear Lindsay,
This is not whether I am afraid to own up. I am not afraid to own up. No. I just can't afford up. So I choose to borrow up until I can get a down payment for a mortgage for up. I actually am more afraid of leasing up than I am of owning up, the timing just isn't right now since  I don't have much contributing margin on my balance sheet. I would rent up, but I don't like the idea of just using some stranger's up.
Which brings us to the next question: What is up?
I have oft borrowed from a scout camp counselor named Zane that up is a two-letter word consisting of a u and a p in which the u precedes the p, and is also the opposite direction of the current pull of gravity.
Which brings me to your final question: Why don't I just go back to writing my own questions? Because I can't. Ain't nobody do it like the people do it.  If you think I can't write a good answer, you should see my questions.  Nevertheless, I will attempt to ask some questions that I have been hoping that people would ask but never have.  
So, readers, if you want me to make up a question for you, simply say so. If you have some kind of a broad general interest, just jot any information that would be useful for me to write a question that sounds like it came from you, and we will start working it out. Or, if you want me to make up a question on behalf of a friend of yours, an enemy, a celebrity, an inanimate object (for example, a large can of tomato paste might want to know where baby tomato paste cans come from, you know the little 6 oz. buggers that have no business in a single man's cupboard).  
  1. Why won’t you date the certain someone that I want you to date?

  2. Dear Josh,I am currently watching Terminator 3 with my roommate’s boyfriend and her boyfriend’s boyfriends and her boyfriend’s aunt and uncle. The house smells good on account of their making fajitas, but other than that, they are Froot Loops. It is like I am stuck in a box of Goobers or Raisinettes.So what makes Star Wars so great?So

  3. And Rocky movies too.And what are the other classic guy movies? And what are your thoughts on chick flicks? What is it that makes women love the Notebook and why do nerds love Lord of the Rings?

  4. Not just nerds like Lord of the Rings Jesse Kay

  5. Josh,So sometimes girls turn me down when I ask them out and give the excuse that they are busy or something that sounds legit. How do I know when they really are busy and I should ask them out for another time or when they are trying to nicely hint that they aren’t interested in the least bit?

  6. Jerry, the answer is simple, ask them first if they’d like to go on a date with you. If they say no to that, then you know. If they say yes and then say they are busy when you invite them to a specific event, then it’s a real excuse. At least that’s what I was told by a very wise man.

  7. i still don’t like the set up of your blog.. too cluttered or non symmetrical or something. i avoid reading your blog because i always feel anxious because of it all.

  8. Dear Josh,When are you going to answer the question that you asked yourself when you were pretending to be me, when we were sitting in that room with my roommate’s boyfriend and her boyfriend’s boyfriends and her boyfriend’s aunt and uncle and the house smelled good on account of their making fajitas, but other than that, they were Froot Loops and it was like we were stuck in a box of Goobers or Raisinettes? And Captain.. I know that not only nerds love Lord of the Rings. I LOVE Lord of the Rings… Oh wait…. crap.

  9. Dear Josh,As a girl at BYU, I came with the idea that I would have dates every Friday and Saturday night, before too long I would meet an ambitious future senator, doctor or lawyer, and we would be married before I graduated, at the latest. I can’t even find a guy that I could be close friends with, let alone a relationship where we would ever consider marriage. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t exist. I served a mission. I felt like maybe that would make me more spiritually attractive, give me more in common with the RM of my dreams… the older I get, the more it seems that this RM only exists in my dreams. It just seems like I’ve done what I need to to be entitled to this dream man of mine.It seems like there are some guys that would have this problem too…I don’t know what I want to ask. I’m just venting. Thoughts?I know you’re not a big fan of anonymity, but…please understand why I’m not listing my name.Anonymously yours,Lost Hope

  10. Dear Josh, Why does 325 feel like it’s kicking my butt? I want to cry half the time and the other time I’m trying to figure out how anyone survived this class- your trusty colleague, Natalie

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