89th Ask Josh – Freakin’ Dave Robinson writes on my blog!

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2009 at 10:42 am

D-Rob said (3 times, actually)…

Josh my main man.

Are you currently occupying Mikhael? Is it ok if i take her on some dates. Just checkin. Dont want to be smashin all over your woman. Thanks.

David Michael Robinson

Dear Admiral,

Since you asked three times, I suppose I have to give you three answers. 

First answer: She's at church right now. So no.
Second answer: Occupying? Dude, she's not a country, territory, commonwealth, city-state, polis, or even a township. So no.
Third answer: You mean like dried fruit? I don't see the harm in that. So yeah, go nuts. Go dates. Go raisins. Go legumes. Go lentils and beans.



  1. Dear Josh,I miss you! When are we getting married?LoveYour dearest Kaelyn

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