83rd Ask Josh – Christmas Review

In Uncategorized on December 28, 2008 at 1:11 am

LM asked via facebook…

did u [have a merry Christmas]?
Dear Lil,
You bet I did. Best Christmas ever.  
Some highlights:
The drive to Klamath Falls from Provo (normally a mere 12 hour sojourn) became a two-day trek with an overnight stay in Reno.  While there I ate at the Silver Legacy buffet, traveled all about Reno, spread Christmas cheer. 
Unexpectedly was asked to play piano at little siblings’ piano recital. I pulled off a decent rendition of Brahms’s Waltz in A-Flat major.  And this is how my face really looked.
Broke my windshield wiper on the way home. 
Protected my home against Nazi Zombies.
Little brother Jacob drove my car into a ditch.
Dad drove Suburban into a ditch.
Three of my favorite people from high school got married in the temple (two of them to each other).
I got the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in a single volume, the Collected works of C.S. Lewis, a neat embossing tool to stamp my books saying “The Library of Joshua C. Guest”, some gloves, a sweater vest, and everybody’s favorite gift: cash.
Read Stephen King‘s “On Writing”, Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” (in a single sitting, mind you), Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture“, and I started Dumas’s “The Count of Monte Cristo” (so far I love it!)
Spoke with Elder Guest in Paraguay, the man is doing fine.
Ate Costco muffins.
Won Scrabble, lost Scrabble, lost at Risk, won Trivial Pursuit, everyone lost at Cash Cab, everyone lost at Identity Crisis.
Got to play with nephew Xander, he really enjoys knocking over towers I build out of his blocks. He is vicious, he does not leave one block on top of another.  He really clears the foundation.
So, yeah, it has been a good one.  The best part has been kicking back with the family.  They’re great.  I got a good one.
Woot woot!
P.S. Oh yeah, and I missed Kelda.  But I’m working on my aim.
  1. wait….you missed me. hehehe. jk

  2. I read “On Writing” in high school–I’ve never read any of his novels, but man, I enjoyed that.

  3. Yeah seeing you at the Christmas music thing was wiggity-wack. In a good way. It was a very spur of the moment decision…but thank you for the compliment. Have fun with the family for the rest of break. I, as well, am enjoying kickin’ back.

  4. I loved “On Writing.” What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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