82nd Ask Josh – Anonymous Attacks

In Uncategorized on December 26, 2008 at 12:59 pm

anonymous said…

Why are you so hostile towards the anonymous commenters? Sometimes its scary to ask questions..

Dear Anonymous,

I am not hostile to you. You know that I respect your wishes to be a non-existent person. Any hostility between us can be traced to that one time when you lashed out at me and my buddies on account of our inability to court. I may poke fun at you, but I’m not hostile to you. The only real issue I have with you is your grammar and spelling. You need to remember that it is it’s scary to ask questions; it is not its.

Go suck an egg.
  1. bahahahahaha.. ahaI miss you 😦

  2. you missed the “towards” part…”towards” is not a word, but “toward” is. alas i am a hypocrite and never capitalize anything correctly.

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