67th Ask Josh – What If

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2008 at 11:30 pm

At the request of the questioner, this post will not be posted after it was painstakingly written. But since I know some of you were hoping for a laugh. Here is B Money, one of my rockin’ rapper friends. He calls me J Sauce and texts me frequently. Whether I be chillin’ ballin’ or rollin’, B Money be right thurr, right thurr.

Some of his most golden lines:
“The Peaks, the Peaks, the Seven, to the Peaks”
“One-piece honeys”
“Who do you trust?”
“I used to warm myself by the fire. My belt is made from barbed wire that I stole from a…. farm by Utah Lake.”
“I used to live in a damp cardboard box, and used to sell refurbished clocks.”
“I can still hear the ticks and the tocks from the clocks, like Captain Hook from Disney’s classic, Peter Pan.”
“I never got enough Hamiltons to pay my rent.”
“Athletics-ism is never my problem. Poppin’ Jelly Beans… I gobble’em.”
“I was all over the Police Beats”
“On the golf course I was splendid. Got a hole-in-one I pretended”
“My backswing was magnificent.”

“17 corndogs … means I beat Daniel”
“He bit the horseradish, or the horseradish bit you.”
“Money, money, money, who do you trust? Me!”
“I know someday we be hangin’ out in that gangsta lean.”
“Hubba hubba hubba, who do you trust?”
“Money’s got a pot of gold from the rainbow where Sawyer once was”
“Buzzy boy bling bling”
“B Money’s got what it takes to run a little business, runnin’ the cds and the worlds best rapper and sales rep.”
“To the east side, Fetchers. To the west side, Fetchers.”
“It’s just my lucky day. I ain’t frickin’ lame.”
“I can’t go flowin’ without my dough.”
“Take care, have a good day and get there on time.”
“Stay off drugs. Stay off the streets. Stay in school. Be cool. And make lots of friends. Be nice. And be everybody’s bro.”
Warmest regards,
The Better Idiot
  1. In lieu of Ali who is in a hospital bed slightly unable to type, I pose this question:If you’re like, sick or hurt, does humor actually make you feel better?

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