60th Ask Josh – Blogged out

In Uncategorized on November 16, 2008 at 9:16 am

The Captain said…

What are you going to do in the future when your blog is so popular that you have too many questions and cannot answer them all?


Dear Captain,

When it gets to the point that I have too many questions I will take away everyone’s privilege to freely comment on the blog. Thus every comment will have to go through me before it goes on. 

Then I will go back to putting up advertising, because I can’t wait for the question to come up: “Dear Josh, why are you such a sell-out?” To which I will answer, “I’m not a sell-out, I’m a buy-in” which is the same thing because it’s just a double negative as opposed to the opposite.  Have you ever noticed that there are better ways to say lots of double-negatives that would get rid of some of the uglier pieces of verbiage contained within our vernacular? 

To wit, take for instance breakups. Just call them fixdowns and they mean the same thing. It’s like saying, “We did not not break up, we fixed down.”

Other phrases you might hear might include

“My car fixed-up. Or october-why it just walked-in of gas. Also, the lost-buck wipers are sis-barbie. I guess we’ll take a walk on the excited-run until the you-can’t-ic calls with a down-standup.  In the nice-space we’ll watch the hand-cube game on the ask-e-blindness. The Cougars are having a lost-der-empty land-daughter. I hope they can under-go the Me, you know, the Me of Me. Their mascot being the Walking Meats.”

Well, I hope that answered your question to your stood-isn’t-opinion-welcome.  I’d like to continue talking. But it’s Moon-night, and I got some reading to do.

As far as the blog becoming popular… we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  Just keep those questions coming, and I’ll do my best. To those of you who are waiting for my answer on the deer jumping and my thought on America’s healthcare system, hang in there, things will play-in.

Thanks for your questions. 



  1. Dearest wise Josh,How do you know if someone is “the one”?

  2. I finally took the time to translate the crazy double negative paragraph. I think that the October-why is supposed to be “maybe”, but I think that it should either be November-why (as May is 6 months from November) or December-why, as in a “May – December romance”. Anyway, I hope the election-purrs not only under-go the Meats, I would really like to see them pride-starved the Me of Me. Go Why-Bee-Me!!!

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