59th Ask Josh – BYUSA, byUSa, BYUSSR, byusAnarachy

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The Captain said…

Josh, why do you hate BYUSA with so much fervor and passion?


Dear Captain,

This question requires that I be fully honest of my personal bias.  According to at least one BYUSA official, my opinion on BYUSA is invalid because of personal emotions; I say the same of him. 

My quiet enemyship of BYUSA started after I participated in a campaign to help a certain individual become elected president of BYUSA.  I, along with one other man, planned, filmed, scripted, edited, and produced the campaign video that would serve as the campaign television spot.

The team we campaigned for was elected.  Upon election day, the new BYUSA president-elect encouraged everyone who participated in the campaign to apply for a position as quasi-vice-presidents over branches of BYUSA.  I applied for a post as the vice-president of communications.  I was sure that my experience in film (Guitars: Unplugged videos, campaign video, film editing classes), advertising (I worked at the Daily Universe in production), print journalism (three years experience in newspaper writing), broadcast journalism (editor of high school television show), website design (ward website coordinator, high school website webmaster), would make me easily the best candidate.  I was chagrined to find out that I was not even considered on the grounds that the BYUSA full-time advisor didn’t know who I was, which was probably due to the fact that I had set foot in the BYUSA office a handful of times.

From then on, I adopted the motto, “If you can’t join them, beat them.”  If BYUSA doesn’t want me to help fix what’s wrong with them, they can hear me complain until they fix it themselves.

So, there you have it.  I wanted a job, I didn’t get it, and I took it personal.  So instead of objectively assessing their efforts, I have emotionally labeled them as corrupt and inefficient, then I have tried to intellectually justify that in my mind by looking for evidence to substantiate my bitterness.

I really have no justifiable reason to hate an organization that coordinates 30,000+ man hours of volunteer work last year, even if they do use my tithing to set up a petting zoo once a year and go on the occasional retreat.  But then again, 30,000 is nothing compared to the 1.4 billion man hours of labor spent by members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in proselytizing work. 

  1. i don’t especially care for byusa either josh. we really should buy matching byussr shirts, it would be cute.

  2. well fine then i can say whatever i want i guess…i like to wear black in the winter, but that is hard to pull off with black hair. i’ll suppose i’ll have to wait until it fades a bit more. but i really don’t like pastels. only on the very very rare occasion and the right shade of baby blue. but if zack asked me to marry him tomorrow, i still would. and i would encourage him to go into a life of politics and we’d summer in the hamptons. i am anti-middle-america. any state that doesn’t have coastline is not worth living in. and even then, a lot of the ones that do still aren’t worth much.there are more songs written about california then all of the other states combined.also, what if your dad never left the bay area? maybe we could have been friends in high school. although i doubt it. i don’t know anybody from milpitas. what if you didn’t pick somebody else over me?? and are you still coming down for thanksgiving? i’d love for you to meet my family. too many missed opportunities! also, i have decided to retire olive garden and i am never going to eat there again. ever. and i mean it.

  3. you approved the first and the third but not the second?and you’re right about my hurried typographical errors. i need to start paying better attention.

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