56th Ask Josh – An Elite

In Uncategorized on November 14, 2008 at 2:39 pm

singer_chick463 said…

i know very stupid question but what is an elite ?


Singer Chick,

I am going to answer your question using only words you used to write your question, to wit:

an elite is a singer. I know, stupid. an elite is very stupid, 4 i know what an elite is. An elite is a chick? know. An elite is an elite. I know. 34/6, 346. Stupid, know?

  1. You’ve been very busy on your blog today….you must be getting tired.

  2. These each took two minutes. I’m kind of ashamed that I published them at all.Now I’m writing a paper about Madame Bovary, a book that I would have gladly read until I was received it as a reading assignment.

  3. Josh, how can I think of a good question to ask on your blog?

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