43rd Ask Josh – Exit and Return of Better Idiot.

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Josh Guest – The Better Idiot

Yes, the Better Idiot is back by popular demand. We missed him, too. And he’s much better and much idiot than ever. The “Ask Josh” Series continues. But we need your question. Any question. Factual, opinionated, hypothetical, rhetorical, anything. Just ask. Have a wonderful day.

BeeGeeThree said


When and where did the Better Idiot go?

Did he just stop working on his website?

Was he “gone” being a different than his usual self …[?]

Who missed him? Did Josh miss his oldself…[?]

Dear BeeGeeThree,

The title for the blog has come and gone depending on the whims of the author. These titles come from various books, jokes, cliches, and suchlike. Other titles have included or may some day include:

Professional Help
PreProfessional Help
Unprofessional Help
Greatly Misunderstood (From Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “To be great is to be misunderstood.”)
A Stick in the Eye
5 Standard Deviations from the Mean
Classy Clown

One day we may even see a series taking three different perspectives from what some close friends have referred to as the three versions of myself:

FunJosh (What Josh would say if he was out with the guys. Often abrupt, but entertainingly candid and insightful.)

DateJosh (What Josh would say if he was being a gentleman on a date or going to a formal affair. Much more quiet and thoughtful. Smiles politely. Nods and asks questions. Gives the perfect answer. Not very funny, unless you like the shy, silent type.)

WorkJosh aka ChurchJosh (What Josh says when he has to get things done and there is no room for idle laughter or the putting on of airs. Frank, not belligerent. Bold, not overbearing. Always right, or at least willing to change immediately if proven otherwise.)

So you see, the name “Better Idiot” went away for a while to make room for other names. But, as the title says, the Better Idiot is back for the time being due to requests of faithful readers.

Did he just stop working on his website? No, he did not just stop working on his website. In fact, October has been the most literature laden month thus far, this makes for the 21st post this month. So the Better Idiot never went anywhere. He just changed a bit. Which leads to your third question:

Was he gone? Yes, you might say the Better Idiot persona took a brief sabbatical to pursue non-blog-related interests.

Who missed him? Didn’t we all miss the Better Idiot? Maybe if we aimed a little better or just shot more often we wouldn’t miss him… It’s not easy being the idiot, but somebody has gotta do it.

Did Josh miss his oldself…[?] After a while, yes. Granted, he knows he has to grow up sometime. And when he does, you know he’ll miss him. We don’t know when, but someday DateJosh and WorkJosh will combine and kill FunJosh. We know they have tried it before. It is like that episode of Seinfeld where “Relationship George” will kill the George that Jerry knows and loves. FunJosh must inevitably suffer a similar fate lest DateJosh and WorkJosh find themselves in a state of perpetual singlehood and unemployment.

But, if Bill Cosby’s doctrines on the “Mother’s Curse” is true, than you can rest assured knowing that FunJosh will return and Josh will get his comeuppance when he has to deal with children who act the exact same way that he acts (or acted).

P.S. Readers, we would love to know your ideas for future blog titles. Let us know.

  1. there are so many different joshes. do you ever switch it up? like take the funjosh on dates or send the datejosh to church? because what if there were someone who only saw you at church, and they didn’t know funjosh? i would feel sorry for them…(p.s. you don’t have to blog about this one)

  2. I think DateJosh’s main goal in life should be to be able to be FunJosh, DateJosh, and Work/ChurchJosh simultaneously. (“should be to be able to be”…rad, right!?)

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