36th Ask Josh – Baby Names

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Miss K said…

what’s your favorite baby names?
Dear Miss K.,
In high school I wanted to have city names for my boys.  In this order
1. Reno
2. Boston
3. Austin
4. Dallas
5. Troy
6. Logan
7. Eugene
This became very difficult for girls.  I got names like this:
1. Honolulu (nicknamed Lulu)
2. Florence (nicknamed Flo)
3. Atlanta (terrible)
4. Paris (but that name was ruined)
5. Venice (but we nickname her Venus)
As you can see, the city system is broken.
Next I thought of the names of old heroes.
1. Jason
2. Alexander
3. Odysseus (or Ulysses)
4. Perseus (nicknamed Percy)
5. Hercules (but that will remind everyone of the dog on “Sandlot”)
Then biblical names
1. Joshua (but that one was taken)
2. Luke
3. Paul
4. Peter
5. John
6. Matthew
7. Jacob
8. Joseph
9. Dan
10. Nathan
But everyone has used them.  And the world still isn’t ready for Book of Mormon names:
1. Lehi
2. Nephi
3. Teancum
4. Helaman
5. Moroni
I like the idea of using Latter-day apostle names
1. Jeffrey
2. Henry (nicknamed Hal)
3. Parley
4. Oliver
5. Neal
6. Spencer
7. Thomas
I also like President names
1. George
2. Abraham
3. James
4. Martin
5. Andrew
6. Benjamin
I can’t seem to pick.  I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get there.
For girls: Boy, I really am not cut out to pick a name for a girl to carry all her life.  My only condition is that she have no middle name. I would only give her a middle name if I had no boys and I wanted a rich relative to leave us a big inheritance, then I would give my daughter a middle name after that person.
  1. It’s alright Josh I will pick out our girls names and you can pick out the boys so don’t worry about it. And I couldn’t agree with you more i’ve been foolishly in love with you forever let’s end it right here. right now.

  2. what do you have against middle names?! sheesh!

  3. Yes, why can’t your girls have middle names?

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  5. alright josh heres a question? if you were stranded in a desert and you had three items a piece of string, a match, a piece of paper. What would you do with all three items and which would be important to you.

  6. Josh-Sometimes i wonder where do worms go in the winter time, if they stay underground do they freeze? Its kinda like the flys go away too, then suddenly come back , but where do they go? it could not have been south for the winter like birds, I just don’t know.Confused Biologistlol- please keep this confidential, and i am not really a biologist, but thats off the record.

  7. Josh, I like the desert one and I’d like to add on to that one. What would you name said desert? And if you could choose one person to be on the island with you, any living person who you have carried on at least 5 conversations with, who would it be? And if you had to sacrifice one of the three materials (string/match/paper) in order to have that person on the island, which would you sacrifice? Good night and good luck.

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