34th Ask Josh – Signs Guys Really Think They See

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Lindsay says…

i would have really enjoyed the real response to this question [referring to the darkwing duck post of “What do girls do that make guys think they’re interested?“]
Dear Lindsay,
As a guy, I don’t like to assume any sign means anything.  I like to just wait for a girl to get so frustrated with me not picking up on the signs that she: a.) just comes out and tells me that she is interested, or b.) gives up.  
I have genuinely believed that girls were showing interest in me by doing the following:
  • telling me details from my facebook account that I had long forgotten.
  • being ashamed to tell me that they are going on a date if I ask them what they are doing this weekend.
  • sitting next to me in class when there were plenty of other places available all over the room.
  • being especially pleased that I am right there to open the door for them.
  • participating in the same activities as me
  • telling me about classic movies she has watched that she knows nobody else has seen but me.
  • consenting to go out with us on dates either because you don’t know how to say no or you get asked out so infrequently that you say to yourself, “well, at least someone asked me out.”  Speak up if you don’t want to go out.  We assume that you’re at least somewhat interested if you’re on the date.
  • wanting to see our baby pictures or family photos
  • asking about our missions
  • touching my elbow (this has been my great weakness. If a girl touches my elbow, I melt.  I don’t know how they do it).
  • maintaining eye contact (nobody does this anymore, only interested people).
  • drops by just to say hi (you might just be being nice, but we see it as a call and beckon to love).
  • texts at random times over nothing (once again, you might just be saying hi, but we see it as saying, “Please notice me. I like you.”)
  • cookies (I still struggle with how to deal with cookies.  I just don’t know what it means.  But I assume it means you really like me.  Sorry if you were just trying to be nice.  I like to be a good neighbor, but not a full plate of cookies’ worth).
  • being friends with our friends (I know I put something similar to this on the joke version of this question.  But really, we somehow can’t see what you see in our friend, we assume/hope that deep down, it’s really us you’re after).
You know what, I really don’t know how to answer this.  I really don’t see much interest out there.  I have found that if anybody is just nice to everybody, some people will think that they are demonstrating interest.  In contrast, if someone is just plain shy, most will think that they are not interested or perhaps even stuck up.
Hope this helps.
  1. Thank you Lindsay for re-asking the question. I was aiming for a real answer, but was so amused by Josh’s first response, I didn’t think to ask again! And thanks Josh. I learned I have half a clue. But that’s it 🙂

  2. josh. what is your opinion of technology dating……you know, getting to know someone through the internet, texting, phone calls, etc? can you form a real relationship and learn enough about a person that way?

  3. what’s your favorite baby names?what would you want your eulogy to say? what’s a normal day in the life of josh?

  4. how do you get over heartbreak?

  5. I only partially agree with a few of these points. Most of them I wouldn’t read into, partially because I do them but not because I’m in love with the girl.

  6. Captain, of course you disagree with some of these points, and of course you don’t do them. Why? This is about what girls do that cause guys to think they’re interested.

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