29th Ask Josh – Interested Boys

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Anonymous says:

Dear Josh,

How can you tell if a boy is interested?
Dear Anonymous,
I do not know.  If there has ever been a boy who has dropped me hints I have overlooked them and he must have been so frustrated because I just don’t catch on.
But there are some ways you can know if a boy is interested if you are able to use good discernment and if you look for the telltale signs.  You know that no two boys are exactly alike, though their behavior may cause you to believe otherwise.  The great divide between male behaviors lies within the age of the man-in-training, or man cub if you will.
Since I didn’t have time to ask any boys how a girl could know that they were interested, I prepared a summary of the various methods I used from year to year. 
So here you are: How to know if a boy is interested in you.
Age 1 – Throws up on you.
Age 2 – Rolls towards you.
Age 3 – He thinks you are a goldfish cracker and tries to eat you when you get close to his mouth.
Age 4 – He looks at you while he sits in the sandbox. He runs home whenever he hears the ice cream truck and brings back a handful of pennies and he lets you see him buy the baseball glove shaped one with a gumball in the middle. He chases you.
Age 5 – He follows you from far away during recess.
Age 6 – He calls you on the phone and hangs up before you answer.  Then he calls back again and pretends to be a boy that he hates that you know, and the conversation goes well. 
Age 7 – He declares his love for you in the middle of class.  He sings Missy Misdemeanor Eliot’s song, “I’m Mr. Vain.”
Age 8 – He asks the teacher to put your assigned seats together, and he succeeds.  He buys you a ring for Valentine’s Day.  He makes you a special Valentine that says “xoxoxoxox I think of you as an ox.” Shows you where the pus came out in his finger infection, chases you around the playground in an attempt to make you look at it.  Gets on the swing next to you and swings side by side with you on purpose but pretends to be grossed out at the fact that you two “are married.”
Age 9 – He brings his dad as a chaperone for field trips to give you a chance to meet the parents.  Pretends to want to take a picture with your friend in a photo booth and pretends to tolerate that you’re coming, too. Asks you questions in class about static electricity, and pretends to really care about how it works, so much that he comes up to you after class to ask more about it.
Age 10 – He walks you home from school but does not want to meet your parents so he runs away at the doorstep.  
Age 11 – He’s not interested in girls right now, just Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Tough break.
Age 12 – He joins whatever play you’re in or joins the choir and pretends to be surprised that you’re there.
Age 13 – He really doesn’t know how to show that he is interested right now.  It is just sort of hit-or-miss here. I suppose if he tries really hard to wipe you out at dodgeball or kickball, or if he does karate moves on his friends or he runs into the padded walls in the gym, he really wants to tell you something.
Age 14 – He chats with you for hours on Instant Messenger. Chases dogs away if you are ever walking next to each other in a place where dogs are.
Age 15 – He keeps running into padded walls or he trips on purpose or tells funny jokes in Church all the time.
Age 16 – Asks your best friend if you like him as a friend. Toilet-papers your house. Makes friends with your brother.
Age 17 – Will continue to trip in front of you if you both have soccer practice at the same time.
Age 18 – He is preparing for a mission, he will tell you that, that means he is interested.
Age 19 – Telling you, “I’m really concentrating on my mission right now.”
Age 20 – Telling you, “I don’t know how to speak English anymore.”
Age 21 – Telling you, “I still can’t speak English anymore.”  Writes you letters.
Age 22 – He doesn’t know how to tell you he is interested.
The true answer is yet to come.
  1. haha josh! are these all from personal experience?

  2. oh i found out the answer. boys aren’t interested hahahaha. emo.

  3. te he he! thats great! so true! =]

  4. Hey, it’s not all boys. It’s just me. We’ll talk.

  5. Josh, you’ve given us how you think boys show interest. What about the other way around? What do girls do that make guys think they’re interested?

  6. easy to say, no ones a mind reader at this question, if you want someone to like you , you have to have confidence in yourself and say how you feel if he/she rejects then that would not be the right person in your life. But i know how hard it is to tell a person how you feel from the heart because the biggest fear inside is to hear that person say no and turn you down. which is a hard thing to deal with.

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