Pre-Law Newsletter

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2008 at 7:15 am

Hey, I was in the pre-law newsletter this week.  Here’s what it said:

Josh Guest, the newest addition to the Pre Law team is a pre-communications major applying to the Broadcast Journalism program this semester.  He is the third (and favorite) of six children. Josh spent the summer in his hometown of Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he worked full time as a clerk for the law firm of Carter and Potter, P.C., where he proofread legal documents and filed them at the local courthouse just one block from his office.  In the last year  he worked as a Production Assistant for the Daily Universe, a Sandwich Artist at Subway in the CougarEat, a furniture mover and rock salt spreader at King Henry Apartments, and an Event Staff worker for the football and basketball games on campus.  Josh was responsible for over a dozen biographical short films for the Guitars: Unplugged show in the Winter 2008 semester. Josh completed 25 months of service as a missionary for the Chile Santiago North mission.  He has also worked as a newspaper columnist, a newspaper sports correspondent, a construction worker, a demolition worker, a painter, an actor, a gas station attendant, an insurance telemarketer, and he even owned his own film editing business he started with his younger brother.  A lover of the arts, Josh likes watching classic and foreign films, attending plays, concerts, and ballets on campus, listening to 80’s classic rock and classical music, and reading classic literature, especially Shakespeare.  He is a trivia wizard and he runs his own advice blog titled “The Better Idiot” at
Josh Guest plans to attend law and business school within the next two years to obtain a joint JD/MBA degree.  In the meantime he is pleased to be serving pre-law and pre-graduate school students at the Preprofessional Advisement Center.

  1. wow Josh, that’s quite impressive. Although I’m not quite sure whether it’s trying to be a resume or a personal ad… :)PS: Don’t be mad, but I found your blog via your status on facebook. I have one too, and you can read it if you like, but it’s a pretty average blog:

  2. fantastic. and because you said you’ve been short on questions:i’d like a list of the ten worst things a guy can do on a date, accompanied by the a list of the ten worst things a girl could do on a date.should be entertaining, i can’t wait.

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