Facebook Friendship Census

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2008 at 9:41 pm

I recently passed the 750-facebook friend milestone this last week. I found that number to be a skoach high considering that my text messaging history consists of texts from two ex-roommates, one future roommate, one dad, my harsh fashion consultant/wedding planner, and a girl who wanted to know where she could find my brother. Since my dad is not on facebook, that left me with 747 other friends that I should be keeping tabs on. I took a look at my list of friends and I took a little census of the R’s. Here is some interesting data I found:

1 future roommate (Rahlf)
1 Former home-teachee
6 married people
5 mission buddies
3 total strangers
1 fake facebook profile (Bubb Rubb)
1 girl who hates me
1 arch-nemesis (BYUSA President Ruri)
1 blind date
1 guy who robbed me
1 other girl who hates me
1 friend of a friend
1 club companion
1 distant cousin
2 stalkers
1 office-seeker
1 guy who robbed me
1 sister missionary
1 neighbor’s girlfriend
1 girl more who hates me
1 guy I hate
and 1 guy I met at an FBLA conference


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